JENNIFER LOPEZ RECALLS FIGHTING FOR ROLE IN ‘THE WEDDING PLANNER”: After being typecast in roles like ‘the maid’ in prior roles, Jennifer Lopez remembers having to earn her leading role in “The Wedding Planner”. In a discussion with Variety, JLO says “I had to kind of break out of (typecast roles) and convince somebody to put me in the first romantic comedy”.

PREGNANT EMMA ROBERTS IS HAPPY SHE IS EXPECTING A BOY: “Thank goodness” – actress Emma Roberts said when asked if she was happy to be having a baby boy. The reason why? “I've been trying to not buy a ton of stuff because I love shopping. All I can say is thank goodness I'm not having a girl because the clothing situation would just be insane,”

CAMERON DIAZ SAYS IT IS POSSIBLE SHE WOULD RETURN TO ACTING: In a recent interview with Naomi Campbell, actress Cameron Diaz opens up after her announcement that she is no longer acting. Diaz says she is open to the idea of acting again, saying “I mean, I never say never to anything, first of all, but I feel really resolved,”

CHRISSY TEIGEN RETURNS TO INSTAGRAM WITH VIDEO OF DAUGHTER LUNA: After the heartbreaking loss of her third child and nearly a month of social media silence, Chrissy Teigen posted an adorable video of her and her daughter, Luna, cooking on her Instagram story. In the video, the two make pancakes and roast vegetables.

SARAH JESSICA PARKER POSTS BIRTHDAY WISH TO SON JAMES: Sarah Jessica Parker got emotional on Wednesday (10/28), posting happy birthday wishes to her 18-year-old son James, writing “My beloved son, James Wilkie, on this day, you are 18 years old. I marvel at the passing of those years but equally the young man you are becoming. My love for you is an ache and an honor. As you leap toward and into your future, I remain your privileged and steadfast confident and joyful witness to the year ahead.”