JILL DUGGAR DEFENDS HERSELF AFTER KAMA SUTRA SHOT: Not all of Jill Duggar’s fans are here for her Kama Sutra share. When the 28-year-old Counting On star shared photos of her fifth anniversary getaway with husband Derick Dillard, one shot featured the Kama Sutra, massage oil and a score sheet that had “Bedroom Edition” written on top. Fans slammed what they thought was her promotion of an erotic text based on Hindu concepts. Wrote one: “Bible open in the background, Kama Sutra and massage oil in the foreground…just weird. Why oh why do you feel the need to post this? You wear modest clothing to keep your body covered, yet you share intimate details about your sex life with the world? This is very odd to me.” She recaptioned the shot, explaining: “We are not recommending the Kama Sutra. We believe marriage is ordained by God and husbands and wives should filter everything they read and hear together through the lense sic of the Bible and not practice anything unbiblical. The little book pictured is a modern, smaller, cleaner, edited version that doesn’t focus on spiritual aspects, homosexual, or other extramarital relationships, and again, we don’t take everything in there either as the truth.”

JAKE GYLLENHAAL, ZENDAYA, TOM HOLLAND VISIT SICK KIDS: The stars of Spider-Man: Far From Home brightened the days of sick children last week, according to the Children’s Hospital L.A. Tom Holland, Jake Gyllenhaal and Zendaya showed up to say “hi” just as the kids were being treated to special advance screening of their film. “We are here about to surprise some of the patients here,” Holland explains in a video while dressed as the web-slinging superhero. “We wanted them to be the first people here on the West Coast to see it. This is going to be really fun.” The trio then spent time one-on-one with patients, signing autographs and snapping pics.

DANIELLE BROOKS IS PREGNANT: Orange Is the New Black’s Danielle Brooks is pregnant. “So elated to finally share this news with you all. I'm happily pregnant!” the 29-year-old Tony Award nominee shared in a Clearblue-sponsored Instagram post. She added that she was 20 weeks pregnant.

CHRISSY TEIGEN AND JOHN LEGEND TAKE ITALY: Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are living their best vacation life in Italy’s Portofino with their kids, Luna and Miles. Paparazzi photographed the pair wandering the town exploring local shops, with Luna, 3, between them.

BRODY JENNER TALKS CAITLYN: On Monday’s episode of The Hills, Brody Jenner opened up about his relationship with his father Caitlyn Jenner. Speaking to Brandon Lee (Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee's eldest son) and Myles O'Neal (Shaquille O'Neal's stepson) about the perils of having famous parents, he said he wasn’t close with Caitlyn until she came out as transgender in 2015. “Bruce was just never really around,” Brody says. “Every so often, maybe once every couple of years. He wasn't around for my graduation. He wasn't around for most of my birthdays. So, yeah, there really wasn't any relationship. It was very surface. Eventually we started to become closer. And then all of a sudden it was like… I was just getting to know Bruce and then Bruce became Caitlyn.”