WHERE SHARNA BURGESS AND MEGAN FOX STAND WITH EACH OTHER: There are no hard feelings between Sharna Burgess and Megan Fox. Five months after she started dating Fox’s ex, Brian Austin Green, Burgess called the actress to show her support. The Dancing With The Stars pro said on Wednesday’s (June 16th) episode of The Viall Files that she reached out to say, “Hey, I’m around your kids all the time. If you ever want to know anything about me or if you ever want to get coffee, let me know. If there is any way I can support you in being part of this situation, let me know.” She told Nick Viall that Fox “really appreciated” the gesture and “thanked” her.

ANDY COHEN REVEALS KYLE RICHARDS HAD PLASTIC SURGERY: Andy Cohen accidentally revealed Wednesday (June 14th) that Kyle Richards had plastic surgery three weeks ago. The Watch What Happens Live host asked her, “How’s the breast reduction working out?” When the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star sarcastically thanked him for spilling the beans, he looked visibly shocked and apologized repeatedly. Richards confirmed the surgery and added, “I went in and said, ‘I want smaller boobs. I don’t ever want to wear a bra again in my life,’ and here I am.”

JOE EXOTIC SPLITS WITH FIANCE: Joe Exotic and his fiancé John Graham have parted ways. According to the Tiger King’s attorney, the twosome met while in prison together but Graham “has moved on” since being released. The lawyer told People, “Joe will continue to have a close relationship with his son and some members of John's family. He has nothing to say that's bad about John Graham and wishes him well as he gets his life back.” Additionally, a rep for Joe said a “very special man” has “come back into his life to pick up where they left off,” leading may to speculate that his ex, Seth Posesy may be back in his life.

ABBY LEE MILLER DEVASTATED BY MADDIE ZIEGLER'S COMMENTS: Abby Lee Miller told TMZ Thursday (June 16th) that she’s devastated Maddie Ziegler says her life and career are going just fine without her. The Dance Moms star said sge was heart broken when Ziegler said in an interview earlier this week that she hasn’t spoken to Miller since 2016 and is “at peace” without their relationship and the show, which she referred to as a toxic environment.” Miller told the outlet, “Sadly, it’s always the ones you do the most for that kick you in the can-can.”