MILA KUNIS LOVES ANNOYING HER HUSBAND: Mila Kunis says she’s the “queen of annoying” Ashton Kutcher. The actress told People Wednesday (November 30th), ” I’m the queen of annoying him all day long. I am an Internet meme! If he’s on a Zoom, I just walk over and write my question down, like ‘Pay attention to me.’ And that’s the beautiful thing about sharing an office.”

HOMER LAFOON NAMED ADMINISTRATOR OF ANNE HECHE ESTATE: Three months after his mother’s death, Homer Lafoon has been named the general administrator of Anne Heche’s estate. Us Weekly reports that the star’s eldest son has been granted “special powers” regarding probate until December 14th.

EMILY RATAJKOWSKI IS PETE DAVIDSON'S 'INTELLECTUAL MATCH': Insiders say Pete Davidson has met his “intellectual match” with Emily Ratajkowski. A source told Us Weekly, “There’s no doubt Pete loves a challenge and he’s certainly met his intellectual match in Emily.” They added that there are no expectations, “just a lot of fun and a chance to cut loose and see where it leads.”

JIM CARREY LEAVES TWITTER: Jim Carrey is joining the list of celebrities leaving Twitter. The actor announced Tuesday, “I’m leaving Twitter, but 1st here’s a cartoon I made with my friend Jimmy Hayward. It’s based on my painting of a crazy old Lighthouse Keeper, standing naked in a storm, summoning the angels and shining his lamp to guide us through a treacherous night. I love you all so much!”