PATRICIA ARQUETTE BLASTS BILL THAT LIMITS DENTISTRY ACCESS: Patricia Arquette has joined a fight against a bill that she believes could cut off access to dentistry for millions of low-income families. She sent a letter to California State Assembly member Evan Low, who introduced a bill requiring residents to obtain an x-ray before being prescribed braces. The letter, which was obtained by The Blast, says in part: “It alienates and puts at risk individuals who live in rural areas and don’t have access to dental x-rays, as well as those who cannot afford x-rays, are pregnant, or have undergone chemotherapy.”

LINDA HAMILTON IS CELIBATE: Terminator star Linda Hamilton divorced the film’s director James Cameron in 1999, and reveals that since then, she’s been basically celibate. She tells The New York Times: “I’ve been celibate for at least 15 years. One loses track, because it just doesn’t matter — or at least it doesn’t matter to me. I have a very romantic relationship with my world every day and the people who are in it.” The 62-year-old also said that it was a tough decision to return to Hollywood, after a multi-year retreat. “I gave it probably six weeks of intense thinking and consideration before deciding to do it,” Hamilton told the outlet. “I wasn’t sure if I wanted to. I didn’t want it to look like a shameless money grab. I am living this quiet, lovely life that doesn’t involve being a celebrity, and you really have to think, do I really want to trade that in again for another 15 minutes?” Terminator: Dark Fate is in theaters Nov. 1.

KIM KARDASHIAN LOVES HER FASHION NO’S: When Kim Kardashian became a red carpet regular, her wardrobe included several looks that could make her blush in retrospect (satin dresses, low rise denim). But the style icon looks back without regret. She tells Vogue Arabia: “I love my worst moments now. I look back and have to laugh; it was so much fun. It was who I was, what I could afford, and what I knew at the time.” So what prompted her transformation? She gives full credit to husband Kanye West. “I didn’t understand at the time why you wanted to get rid of pretty much everything I owned, but I pretended like I did,” she told West in their Vogue Arabia interview. “You were showing me all of these different designers that I had never heard of before. Now, I totally get it. Now I’m very confident in what I wear. You have been my best stylist.”

LILY ALLEN + DAVID HARBOUR? Are Lily Allen and Stranger Things star David Harbour dating? Eagle-eyed Londoners have spotted the two out handing out. (And of course posted about it on social). “@DavidKHarbour When on earth did this happen!?” the fan wrote on Twitter alongside a screenshot of her TV screen showing the couple at a boxing event. “I’m baffled! Hahaaa #LilyAllen Thought I knew all the gossip!” They first sparked rumors earlier this month, when they were spotted taking in a West End performance of The Lehman Trilogy.

SORRY, KAIA GERBER IS BUSY PLAYING BACKGAMMON: Supermodel Kaia Gerber covers British Vogue as she turns 18 (September 3rd), and inside, she discusses here work-life balance. Or rather, imbalance. “When I'm working, I don't have the energy to even flirt with anyone. I'm sorry, I just can't,” Gerber tells the outlet with a laugh. “But I'm not losing hope in all love forever. I have backgammon at my house, and that's all a girl needs. When I'm home, I'm living the life of a 70 year old woman.” And while she’s the daughter of Cindy Crawford, model extraordinaire, her moms says her talent is legit: “Even though it probably bothers her, we all realize that, yeah, Steven Meisel will see her because of who she is. But you and I both know that Meisel, or Chanel, or Vogue – well, they might have her for an audition, but they're not booking her because she's my daughter…I mean, she's doing things I never did.”