PAUL WALKER’S DAUGHTER ATTENDS F9 PREMIERE: Paul Walker’s daughter is showing her support for Fast & Furious. The late star’s daughter Meadow Walker attended the premiere of F9 on Friday. She also showed up on the set, hanging with Paul Walker’s brothers, Cody and Caleb, according to a recent interview with Ludacris. She was 15 when her father was killed in 2013, and has worked to keep his memory alive. 

BINDI IRWIN SAYS GRANDPA ABUSED HER: Bindi Irwin is opening up about her grandfather, Bob Irwin. In a post dedicated to her later father Steve Irwin, her husband Chandler Powell and her father in law, she was asked by Bob was left out. Bindi responded: “Publicly he continues to claim that he wants to spend time with us while privately me entire life has been psychological abuse from him.”

JENN HARLEY ARRESTED: Jenn Harley was taken in to custody in Las Vegas and booked for domestic battery and assault with a deadly weapon. She and her ex Ronnie Ortiz-Magro have histories of domestic violence. He was arrested in 2019 for striking Harley and locking himself and their child together in a rental Airbnb. They have since split. 

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN + MEGAN FOX HANG: Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker held a surprise concert on a Venice Beach rooftop, and their partners were there to cheer them on. MGK’s girlfriend Megan Fox and Barker’s girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian hung as the guys played. 

JAZZ JENNINGS TALKS WEIGHT GAIN: Transgender activist Jazz Jennings is opening up about her binge-eating disorder. She said on social media that she gained "almost 100 lbs. in a little less than 2 years," adding: "I suffer from binge-eating disorder, a disease in which I'm not only addicted to food, but I eat it in large quantities."