PRINCE PHILIP CELEBRATES 98th BIRTHDAY: Prince Philip is celebrating his 98th birthday and the royals are wishing him the best. Clarence House, the office of Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, shared a shot from the 1950s, as did the Royal Family Instagram page. Kensington Palace, Kate Middleton and Prince William’s office, shared multiple shots of Philip and Queen Elizabeth, plus several moments with them. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s page shared a shot with the Queen and Philip hitting the dance floor back in the day, and a newer one of Harry and Philip.

WENDY WILLIAMS BREAKS DOWN OVER KEVIN HUNTER: A photographer caught up with Wendy Williams as she was living Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles in L.A. with a mystery man she recently shared a picture of on Instagram. The photog asked how her family was doing after her son Kevin Hunter Jr. was arrested for assaulting her ex. “I didn’t plan on this but it is what it is … I have a very full life,” she continued, as tears flowed down her face. “Thank you for watching. I would ask you to respect our privacy, but please, I don’t respect people’s privacy, that’s why I do [the segment] ‘Hot Topics’ … all three of us are doing fine.”

GRANDMA MARY DUGGAR DIES: The Duggar family is mourning the unexpected death of “Grandma” Mary Duggar, who died on Sunday at age 73. “My heart breaks,” her granddaughter Jill wrote on Instagram. “My grandma died suddenly today! She was an amazing woman of God and such a great example to so many!” The post continued, “She was a feisty, incredible woman who always took the time to talk about Jesus with everyone she knew! I know she was ready to check outta here and get her new body in heaven before the old one started giving her too much trouble! We miss you so much!!”

EMILY HAMPSHIRE, TEDDY GEIGER SPLIT: Schitt’s Creek star Emily Hampshire and singer-songwriter Teddy Geiger have called off their engagement, Page Six reports. Geiger, 30, and Hampshire, 37, revealed they were dating in September of 2018, and announced their engagement two months later. It is unclear what prompted the split, but a source tells Page Six that they will “not get back together.”

ELLEN POMPEO DEFENDS HERSELF AFTER BACKLASH: Ellen Pompeo is responding to the backlash she got to an interview with Variety in she bemoaned Grey’s Anatomy’s “toxic work environment.” She wrote on Twitter: “None of my comments in print are ever meant to shade anyone. That’s so not productive. My words about my journey are always meant to inspire and reflect. My shade is very obvious when I’m not subtle about it, you all should know that!!”