SANDRA OH DENOUNCES HATE: Sandra Oh is standing with the Asian community. She made a speech during a Stop Asian Hate rally in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Saturday to discuss the surge in hate crimes against Asian Americans. "For many of us in our community, this is the first time we are even able to voice our fear and our anger, and I really am so grateful to everyone willing to listen," Oh says in video posted on social media. "One thing that I know is that many in our community are very scared, and I understand that. And one way to go through our fear is to reach out to our community."

SOFIA RICHIE WANTS TO MOVE ON: Sources tell E! that Sofia Richie is sick of hearing about her ex Scott Disick. "Sofia and Scott had to navigate many issues together throughout their relationship," says the source. "It was no secret they had their ups and downs when it came to Kourtney. Once Kourtney and Scott became closer and were spending more time together with the kids, Sofia had a huge issue with it. She thought she was losing him to Kourtney and was jealous at times." She was also embarrassed that he discussed her insecurities on KUWTK. They add, "Sofia is not surprised that Scott shared their relationship issues with the Kardashian family and publicly on the show. She wished it stayed private but knew it would happen when they split. Sofia has moved on and put the drama behind her. At this point, there is no chance they will ever get back together."

RYAN MURPHY TEASES AMERICAN HORROR STORY: Ryan Murphy has shared an eerie black-and-white video of the ocean and waves, teasing the upcoming tenth season. "The title of American Horror Story 10 is Double Feature," the clip reads. "Two horrifying stories…one season. One by the sea…One by the sand. More to come…"

SUZANNE SOMERS + ALAN HAMEL: Suzanne Somers and Alan Hamel may be 73 and 84 respectively, but every day is like spring break for them. Somers revealed that thanks to the help of hormonal supplements, they have sex sometimes three times before lunch. She told Heather Dubrow’s World podcast: “God, our relationship has always been amazing. But now that our kids are raised and it’s just me and Al, and we paid for the tuition, we paid for the weddings and helped them get their start – now it’s just us. Man, are we having fun.” They married in 1977. 

NOT GETTING IT: Tinsley Mortimer’s ex-fiance tried to break up with her multiple times, but sources told Page Six she wouldn’t take Scott Kluth’s hints. “Her perception of when they broke up is clearly different from Scott’s,” said an insider, “but Scott communicated to her that they were broken up months ago.” Others differ. Mortimer’s camp told Page Six that he made her quit Real Housewives of New York, saying it was the only way he’d marry her. She did, but then he backed out.