SCARLETT JOHANSSON TALKS WEDDING: Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost had a “stressful” but fantastic wedding amid the pandemic in October of 2020, she said on Late Night With Seth Meyers. Johansson explained, "Obviously we wanted to take every precaution that we could. We had the masks made that [said] 'Josts 2020' and everybody had to get tested 100,000 times." Still: "Even though it was small and intimate, it was beautiful, and we were so happy to see people that we hadn't seen in such a long time. We just felt very fortunate to be able to get together like that. It felt like it was sort of how it was supposed to be."

KATE MOSS IS A SKIM MODEL NOW: TMZ reports that Kim Kardashian had her heart set on having Kate Moss as a model for her shapewear line, and it seems she’s made it happen. The pair were recently spotted out and about in Vatican City. 

DEAN MCDERMOTT CLAPS BACK: Fans wanted to know why Dean McDermott attended a Los Angeles Dodgers game without his wife Tori Spelling, but he thinks they should mind their own beeswax. McDermott commented to commenters on his IG post: “Has it ever occurred to all you people commenting ‘where’s your wife and kids’ that they’re not into baseball????” Rumors have been swirling that the pair are on the outs. 

BELLA HADID IN RELATIONSHIP? Bella Hadid and her boyfriend Marc Kalman have gone public with their relationship, but sources tell Page Six that they’ve been dating for a year. The snitch said: “If they went out, he would come out first, get the car, and then she would get into the car. They would drive to a location, and he’d drop her off but not get out and go park the car.”

DON CHEADLE TALKS MARRIAGE: Don Cheadle took 28 years to marry Brigid Coulter. He told ET: "Our accountant proposed to both of us and he showed us the numbers, and we said yeah, we should probably do it." He added: "It came up a lot of times. But every time, we were like, 'But we're already together?’ He's like, 'Yeah, but this is a better reason to be together.' Really it's because our accountant proposed to us, I wish there were some big sweet romantic story, but the romance happened, you know, the first year."