TYRA BANKS IS ‘EXCITED’ TO BREAK BARRIERS ON DWTS: Tyra Banks is thrilled be able to break barriers for Black women. The latest opportunity comes as host of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars. She tells Good Morning America: "I like breaking these doors down so that we don’t have any more firsts, but it’s nice to be first so that you can open that door and let so many people in after you." Banks was also the first Black model to cover both the Victoria’s Secret catalog and the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. She was also the first female model to cover GQ. "I’m used to the model [firsts], but today’s the first time I’m hearing this first Dancing with the Stars black woman, I never even thought of that," Banks admitted. She told fans to get ready for a “next level” season. "We’re doing all this crazy stuff, taking it to the next level, but still keeping the stuff America loves."

BEVERLY JOHNSON IS ENGAGED: Beverly Johnson is engaged at 67 to Brian Maillian. The supermodel broke ground by becoming the first Black woman on the cover of Vogue in 1974. She tells People of their bond: "This is the first time I've dated someone so close to my age! We know the same songs and we've lived through a lot of the same things. As I was breaking boundaries in the fashion industry, he was doing the same on Wall Street." Maillian is 70. She was previously married to real estate agent Billy Potter and later music producer Danny Sims, father of their daughter Anansa.

APPLE PICKS UP PALMER: Apple has picked up the Justin Timberlake-headlined Palmer. He costars with Alisha Wainwright. As fans may recall, during the filming of the movie, he was photographed getting close to Wainwright, despite being married to Jessica Alba. Timberlake and Alba reportedly made up after Timberlake publicly apologized. 

RYAN DORSEY CAN’T IMAGINE LIFE WITHOUT NAYA RIVERA: As Naya Rivera’s family is beginning to grapple with the 33-year-old’s unexpected and tragic death by drowning, her ex Ryan Dorsey is still in denial, sources tell People. They said: “Ryan has barely slept. It’s just a nightmare. Although he wasn’t with Naya, it’s Josey’s mom. Josey needs his mom. Ryan can’t imagine raising Josey without Naya. It’s the most devastating situation.” The pair were married between 2014 and 2018.

KRISTIN CAVALLARI AND JAY CUTLER SELL HOME: Very Cavallari alums Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler continue to separate their assets after announcing their divorce in April. The pair sold their Tennessee home for $3.7 million; they listed the house two years ago for $7.9 million. The pair share Camden, 7, Jaxon, 6, and Saylor, 4, and have reached a custody agreement.