WENDY WILLIAMS SPIES ON HER NEIGHBORS: Wendy Williams isn’t above spying on her neighbors, she confesses on Late Night With Seth Meyers. The 56-year-old admits that she looks out of the window with binoculars: “And the shower is right there at the window. And I watch, but not ….” She also admits that quarantine hasn’t been too bad: “I'm a recluse by nature so being in the house is not a big thing for me. I'm surrounded by all my good stuff. And there's good food, got my cats… I spend a lot of time thinking about what new life is going to be like.” Her show returns September 21.

SHARON STONE TALKS BOOBS: Sharon Stone knows she’s still a sex symbol, and while she’s cool with it, she also thinks it’s kind of silly. She tells Town & Country: “People still want to see my boobs. I’m 62! It’s like, ‘Really? Grow up!"” She then reportedly threw up her arms and joked, “But also … Here’s some boobs!”

KATE GOSSELIN SAYS JON GOSSELIN IS VIOLENT: Kate Gosselin tells People that her ex Jon Gosselin is abusive. She is responding after their son Collin accused her ex of hitting him. She said: “I am done hiding and will say this unequivocally: Jon is a violent and abusive person.” The pair share twins Madelyn and Cara, 19, and Collin’s sextuplet siblings, Leah, Hannah, Alexis, Joel and Aaden, 16.

LORRAINE BRACCO TO RENO HOME FOR HGTV: Sopranos alum Lorraine Bracco picked up a bargain home (about $1) in an underpopulated rural community in Sicily. She will document the adventure of redesigning the home in HGTV’s My Big Italian Adventure. Out October 30th. In a statement she said: “I believe life is an adventure. When I saw the article that you could buy a house in Sambuca for one euro, I jumped on it. So, I came on the plane. I bought the house. I’m very excited to be here, meet and work with the locals, and live amongst them. I’m here to pay homage to my family that comes from Sicily.”

JIM CARREY TO PLAY JOE BIDEN: Jim Carrey is taking on the role of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. SNL creator Lorne Michael said of the project: “There was some interest on his part. Then we responded, obviously, positively. But it came down to discussions about what the take was. He and Colin Jost had a bunch of talks. He and I as well. He will give the part energy and strength, and… hopefully it's funny.”