LAVERNE COX TALKS INTERSECTIONALITY: Citi has rolled out a True Name program starring Laverne Cox, a first among major banks in terms of allowing a transgender or binary person to use their chosen name on credit cards. “We believe that brands can make a real impact by standing up and having a voice on issues that matter,” says Citi’s chief marketing officer Carla Hassan. “From offering customers the ability to use their chosen name on their credit cards to launching a national campaign that increases the visibility of trans and nonbinary people, we are proud to do just that. That said, we are only one piece here. Individuals, such as Laverne Cox, have long been instrumental at bringing authentic experiences front and center for trans and non-binary people. Together, we can make significant progress in helping the transgender and nonbinary community feel recognized, accepted and empowered.” Talking to The Hollywood Reporter, Cox said that the campaign holds a lot of significance for her: “A lot of people might not know that it's not always easy out there. Depending on where you live, sometimes the laws aren’t amenable to people easily changing their legal names. In cities like New York and Los Angeles, you can visit the LGBTQ centers to get it done, but in smaller cities, trans folks don't have always have access. It other places, it can be expensive.”

FULL HOUSE FOR MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY AND CAMILA ALVES: Matthew McConaughey and his wife Camila Alves are quarantining with their three children, Levi, 12, Vida, 10, Livingston, 7, and his 88-year-old mom Kay. It’s a lot of togetherness! He told The Ellen DeGeneres Show: “It’s been going on long enough to sometimes say, when you say how many kids you have in the house, I say four: a 12, 10, 7 and 88 year old. She still goes to bed after me and wakes up before me!” He added: “Sometimes you go through the day and you got the kids’ remote schooling, you get everyone set up, you’re doing meals and running around. I’m doing my work, she’s doing hers, and sometimes it’ll be at 9:30 at night or 10 o’clock when we actually look at each other and go, ‘Oh, hi, how are you?’ But she’s really good at scheduling and we’re getting a little bit better at creating some structure, not only for the kids but for us and saying, 'Hey, from this time to this time don’t come knocking on the door. We’re gonna have our time.' “

JULIANNE HOUGH TALKS LOVE: In a cryptic post on IG Story, Julianne Hough opened up about love, amid her split from Brooks Laich. “The truth is — love exists in so much more than just a romantic partner,” the post reads. “Love is everything around you. And I hope you learn how to open your eyes to that. I hope you find love in every aspect of your life. I hope you find it tucked into early morning sunrises and the smell of your favorite places. I hope you find it strung between the laughter you share with friends.” She added: “I hope you find love in places that were once void of it, in places within yourself that you could have bene softer to, kinder to, in the past. Because if there is one thing I have learned, it is that love is so much more than a boy, or a girl, who holds your heart. Love is everything around you. It is everything.”

SINBAD RECOVERING FROM STROKE: The famed comic Sinbad is recovering from a stroke, his family told The Hollywood Reporter. In a statement, they said: “Our family thanks you in advance for your love and support and ask for continued prayers for his healing. We also ask that you please respect our privacy during this time.” Sinbad is 64.

SOFIA VERGARA TALKS HOLIDAYS: No big blowout this year. The Modern Family star told E! that she is making the most of the pandemic by getting creative, and bracing herself for a scaled down holiday season. Vergara said: “I always do very big parties for the holidays, like Thanksgiving for example that's coming up. And, unfortunately, this year it's gonna have to be not 40 people, 30 people. It's gonna have to be like 10.” She added: “But you know what? It's one year. And we all have to stick together. We all have to make sacrifices so we can get out of this.”

LORNE MICHAELS ANGRY ABOUT JOHN BELUSHI’S DRUG USE: Saturday Night Live’s creator Lorne Michaels was infuriated by John Belushi‘s drug-fueled adventures, he says in an upcoming documentary on the story. Michaels said in Belushi: “He’d been out with Rolling Stones rocker Ronnie Wood and he was a mess. He was coughing, he looked terrible and the doctor says, ‘John can’t go on,’ and I was somewhere between rage and very little sympathy. So I said, ‘What happens if he does it?’ He says, ‘Well he could die?’ And I said, ‘What are the odds of that?’ And he said, ’50/50,’ and I said, ‘I can live with that."” Belushi went on. He died a few years later at age 33 from a drug overdose in 1982. Belushi will drop no Showtime November 22nd.