After leaving audiences in serious suspense for six weeks, The Undoing, starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman, revealed who killed Elena Alves (Matilda De Angelis) on Sunday as Twitter watched. (WARNING: spoilers ahead).

The HBO miniseries confirmed the obvious: Jonathan Fraser (Grant) killed Elena with a hammer after she told him that she had become close to his wife, Grace (Kidman) and their son Henry (Noah Jupe). Jonathan feared that Elena would expose their affair. The reveal came in the form of a flashback, and ended with police taking him to custody as Grace, Henry and her father (Donald Sutherland) flew away. The film is based on Jean Hanff Korelitz‘s 2014 novel You Should Have Known, and has been watched by celebs like Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott and Issa Rae all along.

Rae dubbed the show “the perfect Thanksgiving binge.” Kerry Washington, tweeted that her mom made each of their family members write down their guesses about the killer and “locked it away until after the finale.”

Hailey Baldwin seemed to dig it, writing: “!!!!!!!!!!!!! @undoinghbo,” on her Instagram Stories.

Ava Duvernay admitted she had it all wrong. “My theory about #TheUndoing was entirely incorrect. But no matter! ‘Twas a fun, twisty long-watch written by David E. Kelley,” the filmmaker tweeted. “Splashy perfs by top-notch actors who got to swing for the fences. Directed expertly by Madame Susanne Bier. A good time. Applause for the cast and crew!”

Carole Radziwell wrote, “I stand corrected” on her Instagram Stories after guessing that Grace’s best friend Sylvia Steinetz (Lily Rabe) had something to do with Elena’s murder.

Kidman seened to following along. Kidman hopped on her verified Instagram account stories to share some famous fans theories and comments including Scott, reality star/entrepreneur Kourtney Kardashian, plus Rae and Washington.

She also asked Andy Cohen if she thought Grace would be a good housewife. He wrote on IG: “Grace might be too secretive and bottled up to be a good real housewife!”