Channing Tatum has joined a long line of celebs (including Miley Cyrus, Pete Davidson, Millie Bobby Brown and Cardi B) who have opted out of social media for a sec or longer.

The 39-year-old posted about his impending exit on Instagram, writing: “I’m gonna go and just be in the real world for a while and off my phone. I’ll probably come back at some point. But if i do i want to have direction or a clear point of view of why I’m on here and what I’m putting out there.”

“The thing about creativity… in my experience, is she always comes knocking when you just aren’t looking,” he added in the post’s caption. “I’d say you’ve got a pretty good record creatively, she’ll be back when the times right.”

Tatum has more than 8 million followers on Twitter and 17 million on Instagram. He has previously dished about his relationship with Jessie J and has even posted nude photos.

He also recently raised eyebrows after posting a video ranting about the app Pattern, which he suspected was “spying” on him.