A lot of ‘90s fans are excited about Matthew Lawrence and Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas getting together, and the Boy Meets World star even announced earlier this month that the pair are planning on having children. On a recent episode of The Most Dramatic Podcast Ever with Chris Harrison, Lawrence’s ex-wife, Cheryl Burke, commented on this latest development. Lawrence and Burke finalized their divorce in September of 2022.

“I'm not surprised at all,” Burke told Harrison. “He comes from a huge family and I think that, especially his mom, there were definitely conversations, but I always had said, 'As long as I had to shove my body in a dance costume, me thinking about being pregnant probably isn’t something I can talk about at the moment.'”

The Dancing with the Stars alum added that she wishes the best for the new couple. “I really truly hope he can actually have a kid with Chilli,” she said. “I think that’s amazing. I think he’s wanted that.”