The lead-up to Clare Crawley‘s upcoming—or should we say Tayshia Adams‘ upcoming—season of Bachelorette remains as wild as ever with host Chris Harrion leaving the set and all kinds of clues emerging about Crawley’s status.

Harrison appears to have left to drop his son off at college in Texas and fans are legit freaking writing things like: “WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING IN BACHELOR WORLD!!! Also, Free Britney.”

The entire cast and crew is reportedly in lockdown in Palm Springs for COVID reasons, so TBD if Harrison will have to quarantine for two weeks when he returns.

Meanwhile, Adams has reportedly taken over for Crawley, who found love early on with Dale Moss. ABC has dropped a new promo that fans believe drop hints about Crawley’s exit, with images of her throwing her roses on the floor and dropping a pair of shoes (before she runs off)?

And ET has published shots of Crawley on-set, raising new questions about why she returned to the resort, or if she never left.

ABC and Warner Bros. have yet to confirm the The Bachelorette switch-up and have not mentioned Adams on social media.