Elsa Pataky had a brush with danger when her car got stuck in a flooded roadway near her and husband Chris Hemsworth’s home in Australia. She took to IG Stories to share her frightening experience.

"I got stuck, yes. Awesome. Oh god, oh god, what am I doing?" Pataky says as she films the water rising around her car. 

"A bit too optimistic? I was so sure I could cross!" she captions one clip, adding, "What two days of rain can do!"

"My only option… through the window!!" she captions one clip. 

In the video, two children, believed to be Pataky and Hemsworth's kids, are standing on a portion of the road that has not been flooded, watching as the actress wades through the water to safety. 

Another clip shows Hemsworth’s trainer Luke Zocchi and a few other men preparing to tow the car out of the flooded road.

“What would I do without you guys?” she said as the video ended.