Noted social media warrior and pregnant mama bear Chrissy Teigen has stepped into the ring again on Twitter. The star tweeted in defense of Masai Ujiri, president of basketball operations of the Toronto Raptors, sharing body cam footage that showed Ujiri repeatedly getting shoved by a police officer while trying to get on the court after the Raptors won Game 6 of the NBA Finals in 2019. She captioned it: "This a–hole said Ujiri used excessive force and he went to the hospital for a 'swollen face.'"

Ujiri is in the midst of a suit filed against police officer Alan Strickland, who said that Ujiri assaulted him and that he "suffered injury to his body, health, strength, activity and person" as a result. But Ujiri argues that the footage shows that he is the victim. "Only after being unjustifiably told to 'back the f–k up' and shoved twice did Mr. Ujiri show any response and return a shove to Mr. Strickland's chest," the countersuit states, according to reports. 

Twitter user @TommyKersten responded to her tweet: "But you like…..[Pizza emojis] f–k you and your morals. I wish you'd play hockey I'd f–kin rock your a– you dirt bag!" The pizza emojis were a reference to Pizzagate, a discredited conspiracy theory linking Teigen and multiple other public figures to a child sex trafficking ring. His tweet was deleted after it went viral. 

She fired back:  "'I wish you played hockey so I could rock your a–' lmao hooooo boy what an inverted needed—k.”

A fan defender her, writing, "This is so disgusting , especially with her being pregnant." She and husband John Legend are expecting their third child. 

Teigen replied, "Nothing shocks me from men."