CHRISSY TEIGEN COMMENTS ON BEING SOBER DURING AWARDS SEASON: Chrissy Teigen is opening up about navigating awards season as a sober individual. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the Chrissy’s Court star said, “These things are very weird for me, because I'm so used to getting so hammered at these things … Awards season, I very much connect to enjoying yourself and having champagne, but I also connected with those feelings of immense regret or stupid moments.” Teigen celebrated six months of sobriety in January of this year. “So, the sobriety journey is fun, we'll see if I'm gonna make it through this awards season with nothing,” she said. Teigen also shared that she finished her latest round of IVF treatments, after announcing last month that she and her husband, John Legend, are trying to have another baby. The pair suffered a pregnancy loss in 2020.

JENNA JAMESON CLARIFIES THAT SHE ISN’T PARALYZED: According to People, former adult film star, Jenna Jameson, is trying to regain her ability to walk. “I am slowly but surely building back strength. I am walking around — with a walker. My legs have lost a lot of muscle so I am busy trying to build it back. This has been not only physically taxing but I think, more than that, just really mentally challenging. Very mentally challenging.” She added, “As you can see, yes, I'm able to move my legs. I'm not paralyzed. I am just dealing with extreme muscle weakness. Some issues with my left femoral nerve.”

PETE DAVIDSON AND TRAVIS BARKER GO TO SCOTT DISICK’S SON’S BASEBALL GAME: Page Six reports that, following their “boyz night,” Pete Davidson and Travis Barker were spotted at Scott Disick‘s son Reign‘s baseball game. Davidson has been spending more and more time with Kim Kardashian‘s inner circle.

JARED LETO SAYS AGE ‘JUST DOESN’T MATTER:’ In an interview with Men’s Health released on Monday (March 21st), House of Gucci star Jared Leto had some things to say about aging in Hollywood. “People started talking about my age and that sort of thing ten years ago,” he said. “As you get older, people start saying, ‘Ah, you're still young.’ And then there's this age where they go, Really? … It just doesn't matter. You can be 30 years old and live an amazingly exciting, interesting, fulfilling life, or you can be 60 and having a crisis.”