Chrissy Teigen has undergone multiple blood transfusions after being hospitalized for pregnancy complications. The 34-year-old model and cookbook author is expecting her third child with husband John Legend, and was put on bed rest before being hospitalized.

On Tuesday, she shared an update with fans on Twitter: "Just had a really scary morning 😩 huge clot, almost save-worthy. The scramble to hear the heartbeat seemed like hours. I never thought I’d relief sigh so much in my liiiiife."

She spoke out on transfusions too. "I got some blood from somebody. So if you donate blood, it goes to actual people, people that might be me," the mother of two shared. "I kind of feel like I definitely have somebody else inside me right now, which is an odd feeling to have."

Teigen joked: "There's so many people out there who would be so mad if they got my blood. Like some hardcore MAGA person would be like, 'Ew, this is Chrissy's blood. Nooooo!'"