Everyone likes a freebie, even if they don’t really need one. Chrissy Teigen has had it with her “rich” pals asking for handouts, and she’s sharing her message on social media, slamming them for requesting free samples of her new Cravings line of cookware and tabletop products, which accompany her cookbook of the same name.

It is common practice, as you are likely aware, to send celebs and influencers freebies in a bid for their endorsement. Her pals Ali Wong and Shay Mitchell have gone to bat for Teigen on social media, showcasing her Cravings merch.

No word on whether they asked for the freebies. Here’s what Teigen said on Instagram Stories: “Please don't ask for a box. My marketing budget is not infinite but my love for you is. Also I see some of u asking and you're literally rich.”

Later on Instagram Stories, she admitted that she’d previously committed the same errors in judgement, asking for favors or getting freebies and then gifting them to others or tossing them.

“I will never, ever throw away or not thank somebody profusely for being sent one,” she said.