Christian Cowan is calling out Khloe Kardashian. The designer has accused the 36-year-old of selling borrowed runway samples on her Kardashian Kloset site, writing on IG Stories: “@khloekardashian why are my runway samples I loaned you being sold on your website?”

A blue midi dress was listed on the Kloset for $1,300; a similar dress in the Spring line retails for $1,950. Cowan said he reached out to her team before grousing on social media, but was rebuffed. “We’ve emailed 3 times and had no response,” he said.

But per Page Six, Kardashian was never told to return the dress. An insider claimed: “The dress was gifted to her through her stylist without a mention of a loan and it was never asked to be returned.”

The dress has been pulled from the site. This isn’t the first time the famous family has been criticized for selling their worn clothing on the site, which has no obvious link to charities or the other worthwhile causes celebs typically give to when selling their cast-offs.