Christina Applegate thinks Candace Owens' recent comments slamming SKIMS for promoting products for those with disabilities are “horrifying.”

The Dead To Me actress, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2021 added, “Candace Owens, do you know when you have seen pictures of me how fucking hard it was to get my clothes on? A team has to help me!!! So I’m excited for accessibility clothing for me and my community. Hope u wake.”

She also offered to educate the pudit on what it is like to be disabled. 

Earlier this week, Owen said of the SKIMS ad featuring a model in a wheelchair, "I don’t really understand how far we’re going to take this inclusivity thing. I really don’t get it. I don’t know. And if I’m wrong, again, educate me, today, I just want to be educated in the comments. Why did they do this? I don’t know, I don’t know why this needed to be done. I’m getting tired of this all-inclusivity thing. It seems ridiculous.