Clint Eastwood is receiving some negative press around his new film “Richard Jewell”, about a man who was falsely accused of planting a bomb at the 1996 Summer Olympics. The film features storylines involving the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, who have recently spoken out about their depiction in the movie, saying the depictions of the paper are “false and malicious”. This comment stems from a particular scene in which Olivia Wilde’s character is seen trading sex for information.

When asked about the controversy, Eastwood responded nonchalantly, saying “I think the Atlanta Journal-Constitution probably would be the one group that would be sort of complexed about the whole situation because they are the ones who printed the first thing of there being a crime caused by Richard Jewell, and so they’re probably looking for ways to rationalize their activity…we understand their plight, but we’re telling out story.” Warner Bros. also commented that they are standing by the film, and will “vigorously defend” it.