It was love at first sight for Colman Domingo and his husband, Raúl Domingo. The Euphoria actor shared the story about how the pair met during a recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show.

"You're in Berkeley, California in 2005 and you're minding your business going into a Walgreens," he began. The Color Purple actor explained that he was at the drugstore to pick up a “facial mask,” when he saw a “beautiful” man with “hair down to here” and a “lip piercing.”

Domingo said the pair looked at each other outside of the Walgreens. As Raul walked away, “he keeps looking back and I wave, but he just keeps going and then I'm just dumbfounded."

Three days later, the Rustin actor went to the Missed Connections section on Craigslist to post an ad for Raul, but instead he found that Raul had already posted one for him. "He placed an ad for me two hours before. I jumped up, I was like, 'Are you kidding me? That's me!' He described me with my fauxhawk—it was 2005," Domingo said.

He added that now, they’ve “been together for almost 19 years."