On Friday, London’s High Court heard again from Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s lawyers in his libel battle against The Sun. Depp sued the tabloid after it dubbed him a “wife beater,” and The Sun’s legal team has been grilling Heard and a roster of witnesses in a bid to prove that he is in fact a wife beater.


Depp wanted the 34-year-old Aquaman star “barefoot and pregnant – and at home”, her acting coach said, as she detailed her growing suspicions that the 57-year-old actor was hitting his then-wife.

Kristina Sexton said she had not seen Depp “hit, kick or throw anything” at Heard, but she saw the “volatility” of their relationship and had “overheard some serious fights” while waiting to start her coaching sessions.

After seeing signs of abuse, Sexton said she confessed. “But after I pressed her about it, she then admitted he had hit her. She admitted to me: ‘Yeah, he pushes and shoves me, he’s done some things.’”

Another friend, Raquel Pennington, claimed she had seen Heard’s forearms “scratched and bloody, from her wrists to her elbows”, after the couple returned from Australia. In Los Angeles, she claimed she saw Heard’s head “bloody where a chunk of her hair had been ripped out” and that she had a swollen nose and a bleeding lip.


Meanwhile, Depp’s lawyer David Sherborne claimed in a wild twist that his team received footage the night before showing Whitney Henriquez with bruises on her face and body shortly after an alleged assault at Heard’s hands.

He said: “We were contacted to explain Amber Heard has a history of violence and attacking people. The material, we say, demonstrates Whitney Heard lied yesterday. It goes to the issue of whether or not Ms. Heard was violent.”

Henriquez testified Thursday that Heard had never attacked her, and that she had witnessed Depp abuse Heard. 

In the video, Henriquez is reportedly seen with one woman who said: “I can’t believe Amber beat you’re a**,” and another commenting: “She really did whoop your butt.” Another appeared to inspect Henriquez’s cheek and arm, with Henriquez saying she was not going to talk about it.

Henriquez told the high court the video only referenced “a verbal argument” between her and her sister, not a “physical fight”.