While taking a lie detector test for Vanity Fair recently, Daniel Radcliffe confessed that he has, in fact, Googled himself. He also admitted to having read Harry Potter fan fiction.

“Do you ever Google yourself?” Jonathan Groff asks the Kill Your Darlings actor in a video. “Yes,” Radcliffe replies, while hooked up to the machine. "Aw, Dan, so honest," Groff says back. Radcliffe responds, referring to the polygrapher, “I mean there’s no point f——- lying is there, Judd?”

As for the weirdest story he’s ever read about himself, the Lost City actor says, “I’m obviously aware there’s a lot of like shipping of Harry and Draco as characters together. So, I’ve read some of that.”

Radcliffe then explains that “shipping” is “like when you want two characters to get together, for a relationship.”