Danielle Fishel detailed a disturbing experience she had when she was 12 years old on this week’s episode of Pod Meets World, a podcast she hosts with her former costars Rider Strong and Will Friedle.

In response to a fan’s question about the Boy Meets World stars receiving fan mail, Fishel said, “When we first started getting fan mail, I also read them all and responded to them all. I got a letter in ’93 from a young girl and she included pictures of herself in it, and she was in gymnastics.”

She continued, “She wrote me this handwritten letter that she was a fan, and I wrote her back and she sent me another letter and we started this correspondence back and forth. I felt very close to her, and one of the things she talked about regularly was that both of her parents died when she was young and she lived with her older brother.”

It turned out that the girl never existed, and that this was Fishel’s “first stalker experience.” She added that the man behind the letters “started showing up at my school and telling people he was there to pick me up.” Fishel didn’t elaborate on how the situation ended.