DANNY DEVITO SHARES PLANS TO REUNITE WITH MARA WILSON FOR ‘MATILDA IN CONCERT:’ Danny DeVito revealed in a recent interview with The Messenger that he and Mara Wilson were planning to reunite for Matilda in Concert before the SAG-AFTRA strike began. "Mara and I were planning to perform Matilda live with the New Jersey Philharmonic Orchestra just before the strike hit," he said. "We had it all set, but, after the strike hit, we couldn't proceed because it would be seen as a promotion for a movie. However, we're still planning to do that. We're going to watch the movie with David Newman's score and try to do it sometime soon, as it seems the strike may be coming to an end — I hope!" DeVito plays Wilson’s father in the original film, which was released in 1996.

SEASON FOUR OF ‘THE DREW BARRYMORE SHOW’ BEGINS WITH NO MENTION OF WGA STRIKE CONTROVERSY: Deadline reports that The Drew Barrymore Show returned to the air on Monday (October 16th), and the E.T. actress made no mention of the controversy that followed after she announced they were resuming production on the show despite the WGA strike. Instead, Barrymore said, “Alright everybody, welcome to season four. Let’s go girls,” and introduced her first guest on the new season, Shania Twain.

ROY WOOD JR. SAYS HE ‘SHOCKED’ HIMSELF BY LEAVING ‘THE DAILY SHOW:’ Roy Wood Jr. appeared on Sherri Monday (October 16th) and spoke about his decision to leave The Daily Show after eight years. When Sherri Shepherd said she was “really sad because everybody was rooting for you to take over as the host,” he chimed in to say, “It could still happen.” “I just don’t want to do the work in the meantime,” he joked. “I was shocked at the decision myself because number one, we was in the strike for five months. Who you know come off strike then quit the job?” The comedian added that being a correspondent is “not like hard labor, but it is a mentally stressful job, so I want to make sure that I remove that stress from my space so that I have space to figure out what’s next for myself — in case I’m not in a chair come January.”

CHECK OUT THE FIRST-LOOK PHOTOS OF THE FINAL SEASON OF ‘THE CROWN:’ On Monday (October 16th), Netflix released first-look photos of the sixth season of the hit show The Crown. The photos tease Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana during her final days, alongside Rufus Kampa as a young Prince William and Fflyn Edwards as an even younger Prince Harry. The first part of the final season is set to hit the streaming platform on November 16th.