Dax Shepard told Jason Derulo on Monday’s (August 21st) episode of the Armchair Expert podcast that he is experiencing financial anxiety amid the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. The Bless This Mess actor said he has an irrational fear that he will never work again.

“I am currently in a, like, two-month spiral of just completely out of hand financial insecurity,” Shepard said. “This new fear of, ‘I’m gonna somehow be broke or I’m gonna lose everything, podcasting is gonna be over, there’s an actors strike and I’m not gonna act.’ It’s so foundationless, it’s preposterous.”

The CHiPs actor added that this irrational fear stems from his childhood. “It’s not related to reality,” he said. “It’s from growing up poor. I just can’t shake it. So, to your point, you watch your parents fight about money, you think money’s the problem. But money’s not the problem.”

Derulo replied, “It’s not. It’s way deeper rooted.”