Dax Shepard spilled the beans about his wife Kristen Bell’s thoughts on Anna Kendrick during a recent episode of his Armchair Expert podcast.

"She has only had jealousy over a single human, and it's been you," Shepard told Kendrick. "I'd never seen it. It blew my mind," he continued. "Kristen was like, ‘Who is this other short person? Oh, so she can sing like that too? I'm already here. We got another one.'" The CHiPs actor added that Bell gave him permission to divulge this information.

"I wanna preface it by that—in the 15 years I've known Kristen, she's had nothing but benevolence for everyone," he said. "She monitored you, recognized how brilliant you were, lost some roles to you, and slowly processed the whole thing, and has nothing but wonderful feelings for you. But you're the only person who ever made her jealous that I witnessed."

The Pitch Perfect star responded by saying she felt like Bell "never really liked" her. Kendrick added, "But I do think a massive percentage of that is just genuinely when it comes to really sweet angelic blonde girls."