Sometimes a little thing becomes a big thing. Kate Middleton covers the latest issue of Tatler, and inside, the magazine examines her “fuss-free ability to get the job done,” her loyal staff (“no Sussex-esque turnover of assistants”) and her rumored feud with Meghan Markle


While “she’s smiling and dressing appropriately” while dealing with the extra workload brought on by Meghan and Prince Harry’s Megxit, "she feels exhausted and trapped. She’s working as hard as a top CEO, who has to be wheeled out all the time, without the benefits of boundaries and plenty of holidays."

Still: "She keeps her head down because the prize of being queen is so great. She models herself on the Queen and now speaks like the Queen."

An insider tells Tatler: “Kate knows what the country needs and wants. Championing how to raise your children is perfect,' one friend points out, of the Duchess's ability to appear like a down-to-earth parent during recent Zoom appearances and podcast interviews.”


So what led to Meghan and Kate’s famous feud? A source tells Tatler that they argued over whether the bridesmaids at Meghan and Harry’s wedding should wear tights. 

"Kate, following protocol, felt that they should. Meghan didn't want them to."

Princess Charlotte didn’t wear tights, suggesting Meghan won.