Lily James has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons lately. She and her married co-star were photographed canoodling in Rome, causing West and his wife Catherine FitzGerald to issue a statement that they were still very much together, and posing for photographers outside of their home for a kiss. 

Now, reports are emerging that her behavior may have caused the demise of Armie Hammer’s marriage to Elizabeth Chambers. Chambers found messages from a woman signed “Adeline” on his cell phone in 2019 and was “devastated.” He was shooting Rebecca with James at the time, and she was referred to as Adeline and Rebecca on the call sheets and on her trailer. 

At the time, there were rumors of the on-set flirtation, but Chambers tried to save their 10-year-marriage. They announced their split on July 10th. 

Meanwhile, James has canceled some interviews amid the fracas, but has given others. She confirmed to the Guardian that her long-term relationship with Matt Smith was over, but she wouldn’t comment on the other rumors, or her reported fling with Chris Evans over the summer. 

She did share insight into her state of mind and character, explaining that the roles she plays deeply influence her. James said: “it’s weird to wonder if I’d be a different person if I hadn’t played them. That’s quite a depressing thought, actually. You have to have a greater sense of self, which I suppose I’m working on.”

James said: “with art and life, it’s never black and white, is it? Everything happens in the grey area, and in the colour. I think conversations about things that are difficult can become very much one side versus the other. We’re in a time where I feel things become very moralistic, and then it’s very difficult to explore around the edges.”