Meghan Markle wrote what many saw as a brilliant and touching op-ed about her miscarriage in The New York Times, and many are reading the tea leaves of the royal reaction to see if the loss, or her revelation of it, will change the reportedly tense relationships between Meghan, Prince Harry and the rest of the royals.

Prince Charles, Harry’s father, and Prince William, his brother, when asked said “no comment,” but Queen Elizabeth II‘s office noted that while she wouldn’t comment, they dubbed it a “deeply personal” issue, a phrase that is leading some to read compassion into it, and others coldness.

The Daily Beast reports that Meghan told the Queen and Charles the essay was due to be published, so it’s not like the revelations caught them off guard.

But other reports claim the miscarriage brought Harry and his father and brother together. “It is understood Harry was supported by brother William and father Prince Charles in the dark days that followed,” The Sun reported.

On Twitter at least, the outpouring for Meghan was immediate. One observer wrote: “Early miscarriage, mid-term miscarriage, late miscarriage, missed miscarriage, multiple miscarriages – they're all absolutely horrible. If your reaction to Meghan Markle's article is one of spite and bile, take a look at yourself. Try having a day off the hate.”

Another wrote: “Meghan Markle talking about her miscarriage will help other women open up. Hope those who have trolled and bullied her mercilessly will reflect on their behaviour as this must have been so hard for her on top of dealing with heartbreak.”