Stars of superhero films are as famous for being tight-lipped about plot points as they are for their brave stunts. But Natalie Portman must not have gotten the secrecy memo, because she spilled some major tea about Taika Waititi‘s Thor: Love and Thunder.

Portman stars in the Marvel film as Dr. Jane Foster, a reprisal of her role in the first two Thor films, where Chris Hemsworth took the lead. Now it’s her turn to weild a magical hammer.

Until her interview with Fatherly, it was unclear how that transition from human scientist to Norse goddess would take place. But in the interview, she confided that Jane is “going through cancer treatment and is a superhero on the side.”

In the comic, Jane discovers she has cancer after her husband and child die in a car accident.

In February, when asked by Variety if Jane would have cancer, Waititi said: “We don't know. That comics run was a big inspiration, and was an influence on the first few drafts. But at Marvel, we always change everything.”

He added, “I could say one thing right now, and in two years, it will be the complete opposite—or that thing won't exist. We continue writing even in post-production.”