Meghan Markle told advisers that she wanted to the “most famous person on the planet,” before she and Prince Harry left the royal family, biographer Lady Colin Campbell claims. 

The frequent royal critic wrote The Real Story, a book that she claims reveals what really happened behind closed doors between Meghan and the rest of the royals. In the year before their split from the royal family, Meghan and Harry were pursuing commercial and political activities normally out of reach for royals.

Harry is reportedly headed back to UK for what many believe will be a difficult conversation with his grandmother Queen Elizabeth and his and Meghan’s recent activities, including a multimillion dollar development deal with Netflix and their push to turn out the vote for president. 

Campbell said: “I started writing that book because last year I knew privately that Meghan – with Harry's connivance was getting up to all sorts of things in America that she was completely forbidden from doing as a royal. Getting involved with commercial enterprises, flying kites in terms of politics, because she's very political, and also instructing her PR people that they were to make her into the most famous person on earth. To be the most famous person on earth, it's a very deliberate policy and it has to involve a tremendous amount of controversy, otherwise you're just not that famous.”