Drew Barrymore’s enviable figure comes at a steep price, she tells InStyle. She tells the mag in a cover story: “I eat really clean and healthy, and I do an hour of Pilates at least four days a week. I have to work so hard at not being the size of a bus. And it’s OK. That is just my journey. That is my karma. I don’t know, maybe I was thin and mean in a past life.”

Barrymore has a take the bull by the horns approach, telling InStyle of her rebellious embrace of Mondays: “Mondays have been so crapped on. But for me, it's not the start of a long week or this mammoth thing that's blue and terrible. I've been festering all weekend, working myself into a lather. Everyone is back to work on Monday. Get it done, son!”

The Santa Clarita Diet star also says that despite her major Hollywood success, her two kids are her biggest victory: "I'm most proud of my two daughters. Nothing in my life's journey was like, ‘It's gonna happen for you.’ And having kids was not something I wanted to get wrong. So I waited a long time.”

She shared her 20-pound weight loss this year on social media, crediting her personal trainer Marnie Alton

This fall, Barrymore’s new show, The Drew Barrymore Show, will premiere on CBS. Here’s what to expect: “We are planning to start with the news. I wanted to come in through doors because that felt very Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. We decided to have the doors open outward — that's [the energy] we want to convey.”