Shortly after Ben Affleck‘s Dunkin' Donuts commercial debuted during the Super Bowl Sunday (February 12th), the company released a reel of outtakes to keep the fun going.

In one exchange, the Clerks actor tells a customer they have “no coffee and no doughnuts.” The customer responds by asking, “What do you have?” In a thick Boston accent, Affleck says, “Water.”

Speaking to People about the commercial, the Gone Girl star said, “I think people already sort of think that I work for Dunkin.” He added, “In Boston, it was such a big deal. I think I became kind of associated with it, and this sounded like a fun opportunity to kind of play with that association, and a chance to come back here to shoot it at home in Boston.”

Affleck also shared his own coffee order. “It's not all that exciting, really. It's just iced coffee, milk and two sugars, sometimes Splenda,” he said. “I do sometimes have to admit to using almond milk, but if you really want to know, sometimes I forget.”