Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson took to Instagram on Sunday (August 20th) to send love to the people of Hawaii, as Maui begins recovering from devastating wildfires that took the lives of more than 100 people. Johnson filmed this message at his gym following a workout.

"This message goes out to our Hawaiian islands back home, our Hawaiian people. Our Polynesian people," the Black Adam actor said in the video. "As hard as it is right now, as challenging as it is right now, as heartbreaking as it is right now, we have to stay together, because this — no doubt — is the thing that is going to make us stronger."

"We know that. We know that this is who we are as kanaka, as a culture and a community, that when we're down, we come together and we rise. And we will. So stay strong,” he added.

Johnson also shared appreciation for those who lent a helping hand following the natural disaster. “And to all of the people all around the world, all the families around the world who are sending our Hawaiian islands, our Hawaiian people, our Polynesian culture: thank you for sending us all your love, and your prayers and your support, your resources, your supplies, your money — thank you," the Jumanji star said.