Celebrities, activists and politicians are calling for action after a mass shooting at a grocery story in Boulder, Colorado killed 10 people on Monday. The suspect has been identified as 21-year-old Ahmad Alissa of Arvada, Colorado. Many are calling for gun control after the country’s second mass shooting in a week. 

Bette Midler wrote: "Two mass shootings in one week. Al (sic) least ten dead today in Boulder Colorado. What a country."

Elijah Wood said he was tired of the new normal. 

"The horrendous shootings in Atlanta and now Boulder? When is enough enough? We CANNOT accept that this is normal and can’t be changed," Wood wrote. "This is beyond sad and exhausting. So much love to the victims and their families and to a future where this is no longer a part of our reality."

Mia Farrow called for gun reform: "In all probability leadership in America will yet again do nothing – even as we so desperately need reasonable gun legislation."

Maria Shriver tweeted: “Ten people. Their families, their loved ones. There is so much pain right now. These families will never be the same. May we all be gentle with others tonight. May we check in on those we care about. Life is so damm [sic] fragile. Atlanta…Boulder."

Lili Reinhart tweeted: "This is devastating. To think this could’ve been a member of my family. Or a friend. It is so terrifying to think we are all at risk of becoming a victim to gun violence everywhere we go. Protect PEOPLE not GUNS.”

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden called on Congress to enact stricter gun control legislation.