Elisabeth Hasselbeck was not flattered when Rosie O’Donnell admitted she had a crush on her former The View co-host. O’Donnell, 57, made the claims in a new book, Ladies Who Punch: The Explosive Inside Story of The View.

In it, O’Donnell claims that had “a little bit of a crush” on Hasselbeck, 41, and says there were “underlying lesbian tones on both parts.” O’Donnell also calls out Hasselbeck’s time playing softball, saying: “There are not many, in my life, girls with such athletic talent on sports teams that are traditionally male that aren't at least a little bit gay.”

Appearing on Fox & Friends, Hasselbeck says of the excerpt of the book in Variety: “I'll be very honest. I read it and I immediately started praying. Because I'm like, how am I going to handle this in my old self would be another split screen moment, but now I really feel like by God's grace I just started praying — and I pray now the Holy Spirit gives me the words to articulate this — but I think it can be addressed with both truth and grace.” ( 0:19 OC: “….truth and grace.”)

Hasselbeck calls it “disturbing” and “wrong” and adds that “whether you're a man or whether you're a woman, and you're objectifying women in the workplace, it's wrong.”

The mother of three also objects to O’Donnell calling out her athletic skills as evidence of homosexuality: “I think her casting a stereotype on female athletes and what she said… that all female athletes are a little bit gay… I would say this directly to her, and I would say, 'That's an unfair stereotype and it seems selfish in a way and I think that it's untrue.'”

She continues: “I can handle that with the grace of God because I need grace and I need forgiveness. So Rosie, I think it was disturbing to read those things and it was offensive to me, but I forgive her. I totally forgive you, Rosie … I really hope that we can be at peace and that we can both hold our beliefs in one hand and hold each other's hand in the other and still have a relationship that's at peace.”