Elisabeth Moss is doing the rounds promoting The Invisible Man, a reboot of the H.G. Wells horror classic. In an interview with Bustle, opened up about Hollywood, love and hand sanitizer.

On actors she’d like to see more of: “Merritt Wever — I think she's incredible. There's another actress, Marin Ireland, that I love… Michael Stuhlbarg is somebody that I think is always doing the best work. I definitely think he's somebody who should be starring in every movie. Connie Britton.”

On the career she could have had: “I wanted to be a dancer. For 10 years, I trained in ballet, from five to 15. I was definitely gonna do either one — that or acting. I really wasn't sure. You could've asked me at a certain age and I would have said I was going to be a dancer and not an actor.”

On ghosting people: “I think when I do it is when I get super busy and focused on something. Sometimes, when I'm really in it on a project and there's a lot going on, I can be a little bit lax in returning messages. I try to with my closest friends and with my family, and obviously I try to make sure I check in.”

And significant others: “I think ghosting an assh*le is a totally fine thing to do, too. I think you're in charge of who you want to communicate with, that's all.”

On hand sanitizer: “I don't think hand sanitizer works. I think you have to wash your hands. I think you have to wash your hands and wash them thoroughly with warm water and soap. So, I'm not sure that hand sanitizer works. There goes my Purell ad campaign.”