The Black Lives Matter activist Emily Ratajkowski‘s husband—who is white—Sebastian Bear-McClard has apologized for casually using the “n-word” after being called out by BET style director Danielle Prescod.

When she posted earlier this week about the unrest and protests following George Floyd‘s murder, the model wrote, “Feel so useless.” Ratajkowski has spoken out in support of Black Lives Matter and has been photographed at protests carrying the sign, “Defund the police.”

Prescod responded: “I actually have an idea. You could start by talking to your husband, a white man, who has used the n-word repeatedly in my presence. So much so that another black friend was so disgusted she left the party where he said it. Another black woman had the same exact experience.”

Prescod was quick to say that the 28-year-old may not be aware of his behavior: “You probably have never seen this behavior. I would like you to address the issues in your home and then you can help us out here. I would like you to ask him what he can do differently … I mean this with the utmost sincerity. It was hurtful and abusive.”

It seems her words met their mark. Bear-McClard has posted a statement on social media: “I used a word casually like it was mine to use. It’s not, it never was, and never will be. In the past few years I’ve learned a lot about my privilege as a man and as a white person and about the history of racism in this country. Owning our misteps is a crucial part of changing the way the world operates. I’m embarrassed and ashamed and I sincerely apologize to everyone who I may have hurt.”

Prescod told Page Six, “I didn’t say it to shame her or make it seem like she isn’t as committed as possible, but it is frustrating to see that she has access to millions of people and she is actually giving advice to people on how to actively approach ending racism. I think it is hypocritical if you are not taking responsibility for things you can control in your life and your home to protect the black community.”

The pair married in February of 2018 after dating for a few weeks.