Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne got into a vicious spat on Twitter after a user called her police officer son Tommy Zizzo a “p***y”.

The tweet-storm was launched after Bravo released a clip of Jayne talking about Zizzo and her legal trouble amid a split from husband Tom Girardi. A troll tweeted: “I will cry laughing if @erikajayne p—y son has to put the cuffs on this b***h. Karma at it’s [sic] finest.”

Jayne responded: “Imagine a ‘prosecutor’ calling a police officer a p—y on Twitter… You think I don’t see you @LuckyG90210.” 

The two went at it, with the Twitter user eventually writing, “It would be a pleasure to help prosecute you b***h.”

The user then changed her photo and name on Twitter, and Jayne tweeted: “Stop hiding behind your dog you b+++h. Call my son, a policeman, a p—y again and see how well you do.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, many users didn’t sympathize with Jayne, noting that she and Girardi have allegedly been involved in embezzling millions meant for plane crash victims.