Erika Jayne’s legal drama isn’t going away, and now she’s moving judgment to the court of social media. 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star dragged a lawyer in the bankruptcy case against her estranged husband Tom Girardi’s company, Girardi Keese. 

Without naming Ronald Richards herself, Jayne retweeted a fan’s tweet, “There are 2 types of lawyers. Legal eagles And Bottom feeders The *ss the latter. F–k Ronnie McDonald and his slimy, lying, fake ass internet JSD.”

She also tweeted, “Clown **s” alongside a GIF of Heath Ledger’s Joker clapping his hands before telling another fan, “Apparently anyone can be a ‘lawyer.'”

Jayne then “liked” a fan’s tweet that read, “I don’t know what mobster would ever find him qualified enough to provide them with representation?! He seems to be a low budget lawyer!”

Jayne continued: “Low budget at best. He’s already complaining he has to spend his own money on this case. #hesinitforthemoney Don’t be fooled.”

Page Six reached out to Richards, who said: “It is unfortunate that there is no client control, which has resulted in more profane and tone-deaf posts which now are apparently directed at myself and my hardworking team. We cannot help but point out the irony that she previously complained about comments made about her. However, now in a transparent attempt to deflect scrutiny from the source of her mass amounts of capital she is spending, she has now resorted to weaponizing her vast platform to hurl low-brow insults and mean tweets. Obviously, we will ignore them as they have no bearing on the work we are doing. We look forward to her attorney’s anticipated cooperation.”

Richards previously accused Jayne of refusing to turn over her financial records.