Evan Rachel Wood filed a declaration with the Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday (February 27th), in connection with Marilyn Manson’s defamation lawsuit against her, denying the recent claims made by Manson’s former accuser, Ashley Morgan Smithline.

“I never pressured or manipulated Ashley Morgan Smithline to make any accusations against [Manson],” the Westworld actress said. “And I certainly never pressured or manipulated her to make accusations that were not true.”

Wood added that Smithline reached out to her on Instagram in March 2019, providing screenshots of their interactions. Also in the filing, the Kajillionaire actress included voicemails left by Smithline for a friend in June 2022, during which she refers to Manson’s lawyer Howard King:

"He called… I'll play you the message, it says, 'Hi Ashley, this is Howard King… I'd like to speak with you just one on one directly, no lawyers or something,' he said, 'you know, just talk like people,’” Smithline allegedly says in one of the voicemails. “And the only reason why he would be calling me at all a week ago and leaving a message is that he thinks I'm the weak link and he might want to settle with me to turn on the other girls and say that it was all like, a ruse."

King was the one who submitted Smithline’s sworn statement last week, in which she recanted her abuse claims against Manson. In response to Wood’s declaration, Smithline told Rolling Stone, "Evan's full of s—. That's my comment. She's saying anything she can to discredit me."