Since 2017’s DC megahit Justice League was released, fans have been left wanting more. Director Zack Snyder, who was also behind Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, chose to step down from the project when his daughter died. Marvel‘s Joss Whedon then took the reins and guided the film to completion.

Whedon was tasked with cutting the film’s runtime to 120 minutes or less, and injecting humor after Batman v Superman’s negative reception. Plot changes and rewrites ensued, and while the film netted $657.9 million worldwide (against a $300 million budget), fans have increasingly pushed for a near-mythical Snyder-cut of the film.

Apparently, it does exist, but Warner Bros. would have to pour millions into the effort, as it is a rough cut with unfinished shots and unmixed audio.

Justice League stars Gal Gadot, Ray Fisher and Ben Affleck have joined the call for the Snyder cut on social media, and Snyder himself is asking Warner Bros. to release it.