Come again? When Prince William was declared the World’s Sexiest Bald Man, many were left scratching their heads. According to a highly scientific review conducted by The Sun and UK-based cosmetic surgery specialists Longevita, William was described as “sexy” 17.6 million times.

He beat out fellow baldies, including Michael Jordan, Pitbull and Jason Statham. Dwayne Johnson shared his personal dismay, and called for justice for himself and Larry David.

“How in the cinnamon toast f—k does this happen — when Larry David clearly has a pulse?!?! #demandingrecount,” he captioned a repost of the study’s findings.

Fans clearly felt his pain. One wrote: “He’s not even fully bald! I think there’s been money exchanged under a table somewhere.” Another chimes in with, “Have these people seen The Rock? Are they blind or what? If you put William alongside The Rock, I’ll pick The Rock any time.”

Others nominated Bruce Willis and Christopher Meloni for the honor, while others maintained it should go to Stanley Tucci.

Helen Rosner wrote, “It’s like 10000:1 for every person who specifically wants Stanley Tucci to feed them prosciutto with his fingers while holding sustained eye contact vs. every person who has ever had even an involuntary sexual thought about Prince William.”