On Tuesdays, royals rolled out the red carpet for Prince Harry’s 36th birthday, but many of his wife Meghan Markle’s fans were miffed, noting that none of the tributes included shots of Meghan, who is considered a divisive figure by many across the pond. 

“The shade of them using this pic rather than one including his wife ☕️,” wrote one person alongside a photo of Prince William, 38, Harry and Kate Middleton, 38, taking part in a 2017 race, while another noted, “Interesting photo selection! No Meghan…”

“There must have been hundreds of photos you could have picked, but you chose to post one of Harry, William and Kate. I’m sure not including Meghan wasn’t unintentional,” another person commented.

Harry and Meghan surprised many when they stepped down from their senior royal roles in January, with many blaming Meghan for their exit. Since then, allegations of the royal family’s displeasure have continued with their move to L.A. and their reported $150 million deal with Netflix