Felicity Huffman is held in very high regard by her Desperate Housewives alums. On Sunday night, Eva Longoria, Marcia Cross, Vanessa Williams, Brenda Strong and Dana Delany staged a video chat reunion to raise money for the Actors Fund amid the coronavirus pandemic. Stars in the House is a daily live-streamed series created to support the Actors Fund.

The 58-year-old Cross said: “I just feel like Felicity Huffman is a flipping She’s just an unbelievable actress.”

Longoria added: “It’s hard because we were a true dramedy. We were always a joke and then that gravity would take you by surprise, and that’s what I loved about the show — we got to do two things. But when Felicity had this story line, she sunk her teeth into it. She had so many questions, and then everything from her look and every scene. She’s the actor.”

The Devious Maids exec producer continued: “Oh, my God, I was just watching her and then I’d forget my lines ‘cause she was so amazing.”

Longoria told viewers that she and Huffman still “have such a strong connection,” adding, “We’ve all created these amazing friendships outside the show that are lasting forever.”

Huffman has kept a low profile since completing her 11-day stint in prison in October of 2019 for her involvement in the college admissions scandal.

Eva Longoria on Felicity Huffman :